Son surprising his stepdad with adoption papers on Father’s Day

Adult son asked his stepfather to legally adopt him so he can be listed on his birth certificate as his true and rightful Parent ❤️

The frame contains a picture of the two of them with a poem that says

Some people would say you’re not my real Dad
but we know this isn’t true ..
For you’ve been a Real Dad to me
in all the things we’ve been through.

We’ve had our ups and downs
sometimes its hard to bend ..
But you’ve always been there when I needed you
and that’s what matters in the end.

You’ve been patient, kind and firm
over the years as I’ve grown ..
And I’m eternally grateful to you
because you’ve treated me as your own.

Although we’re not tied by bloodlines
the Love and Trust you’ve given me ..
Is a precious gift, day after day
and that’s what counts as a Real Dad to me.
So let’s just make it official…